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Ken Kanakogi's Ten Winning Patterns of Forex
The Complete Manual
Do you know the Japanese anime series and film ” Demon Slayer ” (Kimetsu no Yaiba)? Demon Slayer Corps (Kisatsutai) defeat demons by using swordsmanship forms which are like patterns called “The Breathing Styles”.  Each Breathing Style has at least 6 patterns and up to16 patterns at the most, completing the swordsmanship style of each school.  For example, there are 13 patterns in the style called “Breath of the Sun” used by Tanjiro the main character. Although this is in the world of animation, this is still a universal truth.  If you want to master any training or schooling, you need to use multiple patterns.  By remembering sophisticated and historically exposed “patterns”, you can create endless possibilities of combinations and achieve your goals.  There is no way that a free style which is not tied to anything can be strong. This works the same with investments and trades.  Just as the Demon Slayer Corps draw out their own patterns and win each fight, we, as investors, should only compete with reliable patterns.  You cannot win in the market with your own free-style method which is not tied to anything. This type of method is determined only by the mood and feeling you are having at that time.  Instead, it is important to use a pattern that is simple, universal, and reproducible.

How Excellent are
the Ten Winning Patterns?

Here are the results in a year from 2018 to 2019. (Based on demo trade verification for a period of one year)

Winning percentage: 80.53%

(Total of 190 trades: 153 profit taking / 37 loss cuts)

Total Profit / Loss: 32,424.3pips

(Gross profit: 35,749.3pips / Total loss: -3,325.0pips)

PF 10.75 

(Average profit: 233.66pips / Average loss: -89.86pips)

Note: * The above winning percentage is the result of Mr.Kanakogi’s forex trading when using his demo account for the above stated period.  This occurred before Medu, Inc. started providing investment advice as a registered Investment Advisory and Agency Business.  The same winning percentage is not guaranteed.  Any decisions to place trades in the financial market is a personal decision that should be made at your own risk with you being the one fully responsible for your choices by referring to the indicators displayed. *The combined 28 currency pairs of Japanese yen, US dollar, Euro, British pound, Swiss franc, Australian dollar,  Canadian dollar, and New Zealand dollar are used.  The trading hours are Monthly, Weekly, Daily, and 4-Hour. *Settlement includes the accumulation of split settlement (profit taking / loss cut).  If there are many cases where profits are taken by dividing, the gross profit value will increase.
Ken Kanakogi, a Japanese investor, known for mentoring a large number of successful people, has combined 15 years of investment experience and the outstanding methods he has built to create this Ebook manual about Forex trading and now is ready to release it! This Ebook is produced by MEDU Inc., a financial education business company known for having excellent customers in Japan. MEDU Inc. has been granted a financial instruments business license by the Financial Services Agency of Japan.

Ken Kanakogi, the Author’s Profile

Ken Kanakogi is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Medu Inc.  Mr. Kanakogi has extensive experience in investing in real estate, stocks, commodity futures, foreign exchange margin trading (Forex trading), cryptocurrencies and more.  Ken Kanakogi lived in China for ten years from 2002 to 2012 where he developed an education business.  During that time, Mr. Kanakogi also gained tremendous trust from the wealthy Chinese class by providing consulting services in the field of Asset Defense Management. After returning to Japan, as an investment adviser registered with the Kanto Finance Bureau, Kanakogi provided advice in forex trading based on Kanagogi’s Ten Winning Patterns that emphasized Fund Management which he developed himself.  Mr. Kanakogi has helped a large number of people to succeed while using these patterns.  As of October 2020, Ken Kanakogi has authored six forex trading books in Japanese.  In 2020, Medu Inc. became registered as an Investment Advisory and Agency Business at Kinki Local Finance Bureau. MEDU currently developing the industry’s highest level in Legal & Compliance and pursuing customer-profitability-first business, aiming to be a leading company in the industry.



Author Ken Kanakogi at home


Books by Kanakogi published in Japan



More About This Ebook:

● Introduces Ten Winning Patterns of "how to win" using Bollinger Bands.
● This e-book has been edited for easy understanding especially for Forex trading beginners.
● This logic can be used not only for Forex but also for stock indexes, commodity futures, cryptocurrencies, and more.
● Learn from Japan about the market. Learn from the wisdom of the Japanese who invented the candlestick and outperform other investors!



1. Message from the Author Ken Kanakogi
2. Currencies and Currency pairs
3. What You Must Know Before You Start Trading
 3.1 The Superiority of Forex
 3.2 Principle of How to Profit from Trading
 3.3 Make Your Trading Purpose Clear
 3.4 Fix the Time to Trade!
 3.5 Establish Your Trading Style
 3.6 The Truth of Market
 3.7 What is Technical Analysis
4. Prologue
 4.1 Welcome to the World of the Ten Winning Patterns!!
 4.2 How to Start Learning
 4.3 The Difference Between Techniques, Trading Rules, and Winning Patterns
 4.4 Why You Need Your Winning Patterns
 4.5 The Superiority of a Winning Pattern
 4.6 Five Principles in the Winning Patterns
 4.7 Why Use Only Bollinger Bands
5. Ten Winning Patterns
 5.1 Pattern One
 5.2 Pattern Two
 5.3 Pattern Three
 5.4 Pattern Four
 5.5 Pattern Five
 5.6 Pattern Six
 5.7 Pattern Seven
 5.8 Pattern Eight
 5.9 Pattern Nine
 5.10 Pattern Ten
6. Summary of Features of Each Pattern
7. Patterns Expand Infinitely
8. The Simple Principle of Asset Management
9. Epilogue
10. How to Open and Use an OANDA Account


Voice of Customers

(Names are all in their initials.)
*The below voice of customer is collected from those who have practiced Kanakogi’s Ten Winning Patterns when Mr. Kanakogi was part of another investment advisor and when he taught through other “Ten Winning Patterns” products in Japanese Medu, Inc. provides and through another FX online service which was previously provided by Medu, Inc. before registering as an Investment Advisory and Agency Business.

“Our funds have increased every year in just 30 minutes a day. A virtuous cycle of life has begun!” by S.O.

How was your trade before being introduced to the Kanakogi method of the Ten Winning Patterns?
Before, I was confused by words such as "Increase your asset from 50,000 yen to 300 million yen within a year!" or "90% winning percentage logic!" and continued to search for the Holy Grail every day. I bought a lot of forex related merchandise, but nothing really worked out. I was doing day trading after work, so I think I was just wasting my time every day. I would try one logic and if it does not work, then I would try different one. The results, of course, continued to be minus.
How has your trade changed after learning the Kanagogi method of the Winning Patterns?
I used to focus on different methods only, but by learning the Winning Patterns and targeting multiple currencies, I am now able to see the market from a bird's-eye view. So, it is a big change for me that I can now think, judge, enter, take profit and cut losses each trade by myself.
What do you recommend the most about the Kanagogi method of Ten Winning Patterns?
I think this is excellent for those who want to do forex but have a lot of other things to do, so do not have much time for forex trading. You can feel the flow of the forex market by checking the chart for only 30 minutes a day. Then, if you manage your fund well, you realize that your funds are increasing before you know it.

“I have learned how to make a consistent profit in 30 to 40 minutes of trading a day.” by A.I.

How was your trade before you were introduced to the Kanakogi method of the Ten Winning Patterns?
I used to do mainly Scalping (extreme short-term trading) with currency pairs of Dollar/Yen, Euro/Yen, Pound/Yen and Euro/Dollar. The number of entries per day were 10 to 70 trades. The main methods I used to do were contrarian entry to take the overshoot of the market price, and entry trading time according to the index announcement was from 9:30am to 10:15am and from 3:30pm to 1:00am.
How has your trade changed after learning the Kanagogi method of the Winning Patterns?
It has changed from extreme short-term trading while checking Ten-second and One-minute bars to medium-term trading using Daily, Weekly and Monthly bars. I used to be stuck in front of my computer all the time, but now I only spend about 30-40 minutes in the morning.
Were there any positive influences other than trading?
In the past, my dinner time was after 1:00am and bedtime was after 3:00am due to my trade style which was definitely a night life, but now I go to bed by midnight and wake up at five or six o'clock, so I am having a really a healthy life style now. Before I knew the Kanagogi method of Ten Winning Patterns, I was always struggling with my fear of losing money and fear of leaving the trading world for each trade because my profits were constantly rising and falling intensely, but now I feel more stable and calm because of the stable increasing profit curve.
What do you recommend the most about the Kanagogi method of Ten Winning Patterns?
Not only the entry but also the grounds for profit taking and loss cut are very clear. And, stable profit is possible despite of the short trading time of 30 to 40 minutes a day.
Please give a message to those who are considering purchasing.
What I like the most about the Kanakogi method of Ten Winning Patterns is that we can make stable profits with only a short amount of time. I now visit my relative living far once or twice a month for nursing care. This was not possible with my old trading style which was being in front of my computer all day long. There may be other methods that help us win in forex, but that may be possible in exchange for time like I used to do. It may be worth doing if the more time you spend, the more profitable it would be, but unfortunately forex does not work that way. I would like to recommend this Kanagogi method to those who want to try forex that is not only profitable but also want to be free from time constraints.

“I no longer need technical, fundamentals and automatic indicators”
by Y.U.

How was your trade before you were introduced to the Kanakogi method of the Ten Winning Patterns?
I used to trade using indicators such as MACD, RCI, RSI and various other things from time to time while conducting fundamental analysis at my discretion, but I was not able to establish my own investment method.
How has your trade changed after learning the Kanagogi method of the Winning Patterns?
I was studying both fundamentals and technical, but I realized that the Kanagogi method surpass them. With the Kanagogi method, we see the complex market flow simple. Indicators are no longer needed for my trading.
Were there any positive influences other than trading?
I gave one of Kanakogi’s book to my daughter and her husband, and they have started studying this method, so it is very nice to have a common topic to be able to share and enjoy learning together. It is such a good opportunity to learn with my children about why financial literacy is necessary considering Japanese future economy.
What do you recommend the most about the Kanagogi method of Ten Winning Patterns?
I think it is a simple pattern that captures the extremely difficult market world. Being able to simply analyze difficult market flows will also lead us to a reduction in trading time.
Please give a message to those who are considering purchasing.
The Kanagogi method is simple, it is also very deep, so I am still studying, but I think this is useful for both beginners and advanced traders. When I first started forex, I invested a lot in teaching materials, but there was nothing that could be said to be genuine other than the Kanagogi method.

“I went from trading a few hours a day daily to only 30 minutes a day once or twice a week, and my annual profit has increased!”
by T.K.

How was your trade before you were introduced to the Kanakogi method of the Ten Winning Patterns?
I used to copy and paste the charts, drew lines, calculated, applied Fibonacci Racio and Elliott Wave structure, and traded in my own way which took me a long time, and I remember thinking that this was like manual labor and not worth doing.
How has your trade changed after learning the Kanagogi method of the Winning Patterns?
I studied earnestly until I learned it, but now I don’t need to put much time.
Were there any positive influences other than trading?
Since the Kanagogi method is a trade based on statistics, the profit increases and decreases, but it increases in total. By repeating such experiences, good things and bad things also happen in my daily life, so now I see things with a big picture that I know it is all good if things are going in the right direction overall.
What do you recommend the most about the Kanagogi method of Ten Winning Patterns?
It doesn't take time. You don't have to check the news. If you want to enter, you can enter. You don’t have to enter even if you see a certain winning pattern in the chart when you don’t feel like it. Someone else’s view of the market is not needed.
Please give a message to those who are considering purchasing.
What I really want to recommend is Mr. Kanakogi’s way of thinking. He should be a very greedy person, but his actions and ways of thinking are full of love. I really respect him as an investor. With the Winning Patterns of the Kanagogi method, the amount of money increases as you lose and win. My intention for forex was not to stimulate me, and I wasn't that interested, but I just wanted more money, so this method was just right for me. If you make some time to learn the patterns well in the beginning, it won't take much time later. I can cash the profit with forex immediately which is very different from the real estate business I am in-I am also an owner of real estate, so I don’t feel pressure with forex. It is definitely recommended for those who are thinking of managing cash at a common sense level.

“Entry, profit taking, loss cut points are clear. I have more money, and things in life are going well.” by H.S.

How was your trade before you were introduced to the Kanakogi method of the Ten Winning Patterns?
I didn’t have my own rules. I saw charts when I could which happened to be only when I had time, and I used to enter with uncertain amount when I felt like it was going to be profitable. If I didn't have a position, I felt like I wasn't on a lucrative ring, so I was always thinking of entering. It was almost like an illness of position dependance. And I didn't have the idea of loss-cut even if the unrealized loss of positions swelled. I thought to myself, ”If I did a loss-cut, the loss would be determined. No!” I was always trying to avoid losing money, so I was like an example of a loser trader.
How has your trade changed after learning the Kanagogi method of the Winning Patterns?
I now understand that I only enter at the excellent winning patterns. Not entering is okay. I don't need to enter every time when I don't have to. I realized that it is important to acquire the habit of firmly executing profits even with small amount and not necessarily have to make a lot of profits with one trade. I now first draw scenarios and start to trade. If the trade came out to be different from the scenario I pictured, I now don't hesitate to make a loss-cut. By checking many currency pairs, the trading time has been contrarily shortened. 30 to 60 minutes is enough, including taking trade notes and making trade management book. Checking currency pairs is not limited to short timeframes (4-Hourly and Daily), but I can grasp the big flow by always checking at the Monthly and Weekly bars.
Were there any positive influences other than trading?
I've become less particular about things, partly because I have more money to spare. I have more important things than money. I have more opportunities to be part of good communities and more opportunities to meet people that I can respect. The idea of a winning pattern can be applied to home, children's education and others. For example, a winning pattern for parents is not always a winning pattern for children, and it has helped me to see the truth in things.
What do you recommend the most about the Kanagogi method of Ten Winning Patterns?
I can finish my trade in a short amount of time, so I can spend my time on important things in life for me and my family. The points to enter, the points to take profit, and the points to cut loss are clear, so anyone can trade with the rationale behind. Even beginners will be able to steadily accumulate margin before knowing it.
Please give a message to those who are considering purchasing.
I think the secret to success is to create your own and original winning pattern. The secret is packaged in this method of Ten Winning Patterns. You should be able to establish your own trading style at your own pace through this course, attending his seminars and forex communities. I think if you build your own trading style by learning from the basic, it will lead you to great success to win. I am convinced that this course has that structure to help you.

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Q1:Is this E-book written in English?

A1:Yes.  This is a textbook written in English.

Q2:Do you provide any support?

A2:We do not provide support in English, but we do have a subscription service called, “Signal” in Japanese. With Signal, you can check the model trade of the author, Ken Kanagogi, his real trade from entry to exit almost every day during the weekday(Japan time), and he covers all the Ten Winning Patterns. There, charts, texts and videos are available only in Japanese, but you should be able to understand them by using free online translation services such as Google and YouTube automatic subtitle service for the videos. We hope you will subscribe our online monthly service, Signal!
For more information on Signal, please click here ▶

Q3:Can the Kanakogi’s Ten Winning Patterns be used not only for Forex but also for stocks, commodity futures and cryptocurrencies?

A3:Yes. The Kanakogi’s Ten Winning Patterns is a universal and reproducible “winning method” that can be used in all markets such as Forex, stock indexes, commodity futures, cryptocurrencies and more.

Q4:It says that this E-book contains how to open an OANDA account, but does the broker have to be OANDA?

A4:No, it does not have to be OANDA. You can use any security company or brokerage in the world if they have MT4(Meta Trader 4). How to open an OANDA account is shown in the book just for an example.

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